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About Imad Hanna

Imad Hanna has devoted his life to health and fitness. In his professional life, Imad serves as a Director within the Pharmaceutical Industry. He spends his days working to develop medications that are safe for people to consume all around the world. His passion for health and fitness, however, extends far past these professional ambitions. Imad is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle; he is always looking for that next challenge to take on or that next talent to refine.

Imad understands that as we get older, it is important to change and adapt our routines accordingly. It becomes critical that we continue to further commit to healthier dietary and physical habits. Throughout Imad Hanna’s life, he has enjoyed a number of different active hobbies including hiking, running, and playing basketball with colleagues.

Constantly looking for new forms of expression, Imad has worked his way up through the ranks of Taekwondo. This Korean Martial Art has quickly become Imad Hanna’s favorite hobby, giving him the mental and physical challenge that he strives for. Taekwondo is characterized by its emphasis on speed and agility as well as head-height kicks, jumping, and spinning kicks.

Imad Hanna has grown all the way to the black belt level since his first days around the sport, watching as a spectator with his friend. In an attempt to learn more about the origin and history of the sport, he is excited for his upcoming trip to Korea this summer. Imad and his class will be competing against members of the group along with Korean nationals in the country where Taekwondo was first developed, approximately 70 years ago.

Imad feels fortuitous to have found a sport that motivates and challenges him every day. He is passionate about helping other people to find an activity that can be a driving force in their own lives, whether it is Martial Arts or something different. From taking advantage of new technologies that can track fitness levels to picking the proper gym for your own personal preferences, Imad Hanna is committed to helping others achieve their fitness, health, and overall life goals.

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